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Madagascar Ylang Extra

Madagascar Ylang Extra

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100% Therapudic grade Ylang Ylang essential oil

Benefits: Alleviate Anxiety, Lower Blood Pressure, Increase blood flow, Boost Self Esteem, Calm Emotions, Aphrodisiac, Regulate Sebum, Moisturize Skin, Heal Acne, Anti Aging, Heals Wounds, Reduce Depression, Stimulate Oil production on skin and Scalp,Dandruff, Headache, and so much more 

Use: Dilute with a carrier oil like jojoba or Grape-seed (10 drops per 1 once ) can be used as a scalp, face, and body oil. Add to DIY soaps & shampoos. Use as perfume or deodorant. Massage oil Blends, Add to diffuser and more

Sent: The “extra” fraction is the first of the four fractional distillates separated out and has the lightest volatiles. This layer is intensely sweet and floral and is typically reserved for luxury fragrances in the perfume industry.

Ylang has a Deep rich, aroma that is slightly sweet and floral

Quantity: 5ml

Disclaimer: This product is for external use only. Perform a patch test on the back of hand before use. This product is not intended to treat, or cure any disease or illness 

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